• Support and Cosultancy
  • Creation period 1-2 days
  • Handmade jewelry with love
  • Payment by Bank Card
  • Flat delivery price throughout Romania
Natural Stone and Pearls Jewelry Creations
Bratara Ametist si Aur Filat 14K
Shop History

Radius Intermed SRL is a company founded in August 2022. We proposed to work in several branches of activity, but the unanimous decision was to start with an older passion of our family, namely Semi-Precious Stones.

Things evolved, access to information became easier, studies and deepening continued. Free discussions with various people, friends have proven that no one remains indifferent when discussing this topic. Practically everyone has a resonance with the appearance, color, texture of Semi-Precious Stones.

But how to stimulate more than the visual sense when it comes to Semiprecious Stones?
The answer is simple, to keep them closer to you in the form of jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces or other forms with which you resonate.

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